Our Vision

Imagine a world where you can live your life and do good for the planet at the same time.

Welcome to Grownate.

At Grownate, we have created a platform where you, your friends and your family can make a positive impact simply through the everyday purchases you make. We create a unique three-way partnership between individuals, the good causes they care about and the brands they love and buy from.

In this new form of digital engagement, a predetermined percentage of every qualifying purchase transaction is donated to charitable causes.

Our Ambition

We do not just want to donate money. We aim for behavioral change, where we bring charitable organisations, individuals and corporates together, as a force for good, in a society able to act for the things it cares about.

More than just money. 

Buying behaviours are already changing. Customers pay more and more attention to corporate sustainability. And their awareness about environmental responsibility and social justice is getting stronger every day.

We want to translate this greater individual awareness on issues such as sustainability and social justice into a collective and coordinated action. A positive and informed consumption.

Willi Leimer | Chairman of the Board

Willi is Chairman of the Board at Grownate, he is also co-founder and CEO of ISPartners. ISP incubates talented asset managers in private markets with an emphasis on technology, life sciences and impact investments. Willi is a member of the board for various companies, including Helvetica Capital, Canica, and Turos Capital. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of St. Gallen (Dr. oec. HSG).

Matthias Koller | Member of the Board

Matthias is Chief Marketing Officer of Grownate and Managing Director at Publicis Zürich, one of Switzerland’s largest and most impactful advertising agencies. He is also the owner of Vorlaut Werbeagentur. Matthias was the speaker for Greenpeace Switzerland and holds a master in Communication.

Heinz Stamm | Member of the Board

Heinz is a Member of the Board at Grownate. He is also a founding member and Partner of CRS Pacamed, a clinical trial provider and a former Head of division at Clinical Trial Services Fisher Scientific and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Charlotta Relander | COO

Charlotta is in charge of business development at Grownate. Her previous work has focused on the non-profit sector and start-ups, which she combines with her experience in ESG and impact investment advisory to give her a unique understanding on how to bridge the gap between the two sectors. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Africa Studies, Political Economy and Security from Stanford University.

Tiago Dias | CTO

Tiago is the Chief Technology Officer of Grownate and the owner of the kitchen.agency. He was previously the Head of Development at Publicis Zürich, he now consults companies on integration solutions and is Lead Developer for multiple International Projects.

Anna Gamma | Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of Grownate Foundation

Anna is Chairwoman of the Board of Grownate Foundation. She is also Director of the ANNA GAMMA Institute Zen & Leadership in Lucerne and sought as spiritual teacher, speaker and author. As the long-time CEO of the Lassalle-Institut: Zen. Ethik. Leadership, she focused on training programs on leadership and coaching. Anna holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Zurich.

Daniel Stauffacher | Senior Advisor

Daniel is a senior advisor to Grownate. He is also a former Ambassador of Switzerland and the Founder and President of ICT4Peace Foundation and Zurich Hub for Ethics and Technology (ZHET).

Reto Locher | Member of the Board of Trustees of Grownate Foundation

Reto studied biology in Basel and then entered the field of science journalism. He worked for the NZZ, the Basler Zeitung, Die Zeit, GEO, radio and television before becoming science editor at the Zürcher Tages-Anzeiger. Together with Mathis Brauchbar, he built up the communications agency Reto Locher & Partner AG in 1990, which became the current agency Mare Communication and Care AG. In addition to his position as CEO, Reto Locher is also a lecturer for integral environmental communication at the ETH Zurich and managing director of the Nature & Economy Foundation. He is considered an expert in the areas of "Energy Campaigns" and "Nature & Humans".




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